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Preventative Maintenance Plans


Water filtration systems need ongoing maintenance in order to provide you with clean water on an ongoing basis (like a car needs an oil change!)  Customers need to ensure that their bottleless water cooler and water filtration systems are consistently providing the quality filtered water.


Features & Benefits:


  • Regularly scheduled maintenance visits
  • Predictable/fixed-budgeting
  • Piece of mind


That's not all! During our maintenance visit we will also check and clean your water cooler, replace filters, replace the UV purification lamp, and ensure all systems are functioning properly.  Getting pure & refreshing water on a regular basis shouldn't be difficult. We keep it easy!

Repair Services


Our customers receive unparalleled service when it comes to repairs.  Looking for someone you can trust to repair your cooler?  Contact us to find out if we support your model of cooler and how fast we can get there.  Our bottleless water coolers and reverse osmosis filtration systems are all backed by manufacturer warranty.  Our friendly and responsive technical department is standing by to serve you.

Water Quality Testing and Recommendations


Not sure how you should treat your water?  Qualified businesses can take advantage of our complimentary water quality testing kit to evaluate and obtain a baseline understanding of their water source.  Our team will offer recommendations on how you should treat your water and make it suitable and enjoyable to drink.

Drinking Water Solutions


Do you know what you are drinking?  Our customers do!  Our selection of drinking water appliances are tested and approved before we offer them to our clients.  We consider all the details that are commonly overlooked when considering what cooler to use.  Our coolers provide a reliable and sanitary solution to meet your drinking water needs.